Update Magazine Issue 76

Read Update 76 here CRY Update 76 reports on all news, events and fundraising from May to August 2018. We had plenty of highlights in all areas through the summer. CRY’s research continues to make an impact, including Dr Aneil Malhotra’s paper on the incidence and causes of young sudden cardiac death in adolescent footballers, which

CRY Update Magazine 35

Read Update 35 online here The CRY Update is the charity’s newsletter, published three times a year, reporting on CRY news and events, cardiac screenings, breaking developments in medical research and CRY supporters’ fundraising over the preceding months.

London Marathon 2003 in memory of Tim Daines

On the 29th April 2002 my best friend Tim Daines died suddenly whilst playing football. The doctors could not find anything that would have caused his death, and at the Inquest the coroner came to a verdict of natural causes. Although they did say his death was caused by a cardiac problem. Tim’s family and friends