Team4Luke Cycling Team in memory of Luke Rutter


Al Rutter (Team Leader) Steve Whiteside (Team Founder and Kit Specialist) and other Team Riders

TEAM4LUKE Cycling Team were formed in 2011 after the sudden death of Luke Rutter, in (2010) the son of Al Rutter


Luke Clayton Rutter 2
CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) TEAM4LUKE were formed after the sudden death of Luke Rutter August 21st 2010 due to an undiagnosed heart defect. He was an otherwise healthy 15 year old athlete and died in his sleep resting after playing his sport of tennis. We formed the team in 2011 initially riding with 3-4 riders. We now have 10 full time squad members with the option of guest riders on training rides. The teams prime objective is to bring attention to the risks of cardiac issues in the young and promote standard heart scans for 14-35yr olds. We ride various events throughout the year from endurance rides, time trials, sportive and selective charity events….If you see us out training please say hello, all the riders are happy to chat and share information about riding bikes or Cardiac Risk in the Young….

Jill, Al, Amy Rutter