The Rotary Club of Humberside cheque presentation

Humberside Rotary Club

It is the tradition within the Rotary Club of Humberside, that, the incoming President identifies a charity for their year in office.

At the time I was considering this topic, we learnt of the sudden and tragic death of Jamie…he lived quite close to our house in the village of Swanland. This news was devastating not only for his family but the whole community.

The charity Cardiac Risk in the Young or CRY came to my attention. On researching I discovered some really telling statistics of the number of young people across the country who died each week through undetected heart conditions. I also found that in the East Riding of Yorkshire a number of young people were identified in these facts.

My decision was made and reinforced when learning that Jamie’s parents had established a Memorial Fund in his name and that all the locally raised funding would be directed to provide Screening sessions for East Yorkshire young people. Their actions complemented similar work undertaken by a family in Hornsea.

My challenge was to plan and deliver a campaign throughout my network during my Presidency year, July 2015 to June 2016, to raise the profile of CRY; inform my community with messages about the nature of these non detected heart conditions; the local action; screening events and how others could engage.

The activities which helped to achieve my aim included…

*a bucket collection at North Ferriby Gardeners’ Club ‘weigh in’ of a potato challenge.
* proceeds from a Yorkshire Themed dinner and entertainment.
* a local Restauranteur who collects 5ps from Rotarians for her charities, gave back the equivalent collected by Rotarians in a donation.
* proceeds from a Charity Luncheon with guest speaker Andrew Percy MP for Brigg and Goole.
* shared proceeds from an AM-AM golf day.
*personal donations from my community who were unable to participate in the above events.

As a result of lots of excellent support and enthusiasm from my friends and community, I was pleased to present a cheque to Jenny and Graham to increase the Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund by £1,580.00. This sum will enable a further 45 young people received a heart screening test.

Even after my Presidency year has concluded, I will continue giving my support to this cause as I believe in the principles of CRY and the work planned at local level.

Trevor Barningham
Immediate Past President
The Rotary Club of Humberside.
Aug 2016