Timothy Spooner

Known affectionately as Tim, he was taken from us so suddenly, and is now laid to rest with his mum Kate.

Tim was a very active person who lived life 24/7. He worked hard and played hard and was a fanatical football player, who was a dedicated Chelsea fan.

His life revolved around football and his girlfriend Natalie, with whom he spent so much of his time.

Tim’s sudden death occurred on Saturday 17th May 2008. He left home with Natalie at 9.45am to play in an end of season 6-a-side match and barbeque.

I received a call at 1.45pm from one of his brothers, Jonny, to say he had collapsed – with that I rushed to the football club. When I arrived, Tim was on the changing room floor with paramedics trying to save him. He was later taken to Northampton General Hospital and despite all their efforts Tim was pronounced dead.

Tim’s death was due to a heart defect and this is why we are dealing with CRY to raise funds, hoping that his death will not be in vain and something good will come out of this.

Each day I visit Tim’s bedroom and look at his football trophies and certificates – as a young man he achieved so much good in his life. Myself, Simon and Jonathan (Tim’s brothers) are having a very difficult time coming to terms with this.

My heart goes out to other families who are suffering as we are. We hope that people who read this will donate to CRY (Timmy Spooner Memorial Fund) so they may continue their great work to help others, in this very worthy cause trying to save the lives of young people.

John Spooner (His Dad)

Simon Spooner & Jonathan Spooner (His Brothers)