Tom Wall

On the 31st August 2011 my friend, Tom Wall, collapsed whilst playing football with mates. He suffered from Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) and although everything possible was done by those with him and paramedics, he sadly passed away.

The day before he had returned from a camping trip in Cornwall with friends and family and did not waste any time before getting straight back on Xbox. We had a great time playing on FIFA 11 and Call of Duty Black Ops – two of his favourite games.

We spoke over the Xbox about many things ranging from games in progress to his much higher levels than myself in many games – a bit of gloating of course.

Tom was an avid Manchester United supporter and played football well himself. He played for the school team, not just for Football but also for Basketball and Rugby. Outside of school he played for the North London Elites team, going on tour in Demark in 2008 to play in the Dana Cup.

He would participate in every sport and try his hardest to triumph, except in cross country where I could beat him; but as he used to say – running involves no skill!

When playing at a school fixture he would always be supported by his loyal and supportive Dad, Chris – the West Ham supporter; and was supported as much by his Granddad – the Spurs supporter.

He also did well in school. At our school the top two language sets take their GCSE exams two years early and he got a B grade, 6 marks off of an A.

Tom managed to pack a lot into his 14 years and grew into a mature, responsible young man; but much more importantly he was and will always be a great friend and mate to those who were close to him.

Tom will be missed by everyone who knew him and will never be forgotten.

Alastair Ward-Booth