Trust Fundraising

Trust and Foundation fundraising is an essential part of CRY’s income, without which we would not be able to fulfil our aims and objectives. These grants vary in size and can either be a one-off donation or part of committed support over several years.

As well as providing support for the overall running of the charity, we also receive grants to support a number of areas of our work, ranging from cardiac screening clinics, the funding of CRY leaflets and also the funding of CRY’s Research Fellows. Where possible CRY will always aim to use the funds in the area that is desired by the organisation making the donation.

Some of the projects we are currently looking for funding for can be found on our projects page here.  For further information, to discuss any of the projects in more detail, or to discuss anything else to do with trust and foundations fundraising, please contact CRY on 01737 363222 or

We would love to hear from trustees of any charitable trusts or foundations who are interested in the work of CRY. Alternatively, if you are aware of a trust and think they would support our work, please do get in touch.

Why Support CRY?

Every week in the UK, at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people die suddenly and unexpectedly from an undiagnosed heart condition. Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is the only charity in the UK offering proactive cardiac screenings to young people between the ages of 14-35. Of the 600 young sudden cardiac deaths that occur each year, 80% are in people with absolutely no prior symptoms. Identification prior to death is only possible with cardiac screening.

Since 1995, CRY has screened over 180,000 young people in order to identify any cardiac conditions that they may be carrying.  In Italy where screening is mandatory for all young people engaged in organised sport, the incidence of young sudden cardiac death has been reduced by 89%.

CRY needs your support in order to raise awareness of young sudden cardiac death, in turn reducing the incidence of young sudden cardiac deaths.

Through CRY’s screening programme, we have identified that 1 in 300 people that CRY tests will have a potentially life threatening condition and 1 in 100 people that CRY tests are identified with a less serious cardiac condition, that could cause problems later in life.

After a young sudden cardiac death, CRY offers emotional and clinical support to affected families. CRY has supported over 3,000 bereaved families. Through CRY’s myheart network, CRY provides emotional support to over 450 young people diagnosed with cardiac conditions.

CRY also funds medical research into the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that can cause young sudden cardiac death. CRY has funded more than 25 Research Fellows who have worked to further enhance our understanding of young sudden cardiac death and improve our ability to diagnose and manage conditions.

For more information on the work of CRY please call 01737 363 222 or email

For more information on any of our projects or to find out what else CRY needs support with please contact our Fundraising Team on 01737 363 222 or email If you would like to access our most recent 2017/18 Audited Accounts, please click here.

Previous Support from Trusts and Foundations 

Since our formation in 1995, a number of charitable trusts and foundations have supported CRY’s work. Here is a list of trusts and foundations that have given us permission to acknowledge their support.

A and R Woolf Charitable Trust The Edith Murphy Foundation Mrs H C Beer Charitable Trust
ABBA Trust The Freemasons’ Grand Charity Munro Charitable Trust
Albert Hunt Trust G C Gibson Charitable Trust The Oakdale Trust
The Bailey Will Trust G M Morrison Charitable Trust The Oliver Stanley Charitable Trust
Bartle Family Charitable Trust The Geoff and Fiona Squire Foundation Pannett Charitable Trust
Betty and Charles Stillwell Fund Gwyneth Forrester Trust Pennycress Trust
Biggart Trust Hasluck Charitable Trust Pharsalia Charitable Trust
The Black Family Charitable Trust The Hilary Awdry Charitable Trust The Rachel & David Barnett Charitable Trust
Borrows Charitable Trust The Hospital Saturday Fund Charitable Trust The Redevco Foundation
The Brian Shaw Memorial Trust James Tudor Foundation The Rest Harrow Trust
The Cantiacorum Foundation The John Cowan Foundation Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Foundation
Carval Foundation The Joyce Kathleen Stirrup Charitable Trust The Samuel Storey Family Charitable Trust
Cecil Rosen Foundation The Kirkby Foundation The Schroder Charity Trust
Charities Aid Foundation of America The Lady Forester Trust Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust
The Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust Ladbrokes in the Community Charitable Trust The Sobell Foundation
The Childwick Trust Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund Thomas Cook Children’s Charity
The Christopher H R Reeves Charitable Trust The Linrod Foundation Tudor Foundation inc
CMS Cameron McKenna Foundation The Lynn Foundation UKH Foundation
COSARAF Foundation The Mabel Harper Charitable Trust Vernon N Ely Charitable Trust
DN and Mrs CH Tarsh Charitable Trust The Mackintosh Foundation The W.E.D. Charitable Trust
The Davey Foundation The May Gibson Charitable Trust The Whitehead Monckton Charitable Foundation
Doris Field Charitable Trust Mazars Charitable Trust Willie and Mable Morris Charitable Trust
E C Graham’s Charitable Settlement