Various fundraising events in memory of Harry Joseph King


The City of London bought a bench in memory of Harry, Arsenal FC issued 2 tickets to see Arsenal v Crystal Palace, Red Watch Fire Station in Edmonton raised funds, and sending up balloons to mark Harry’s 21st birthday.

The City of London very kindly bought a bench in memory of Harry, who worked for the City of London. His memorial bench is in the grounds of St Paul’s Cathedral, London. In the photo are members of the City of London Garden Team with family. Sitting middle front is Harry’s brother Jack, and best friend Sam, Harry’s sisters are standing each side, Martina and Laura holding baby Robyn.
The plaque that is on the bench. The Latin reads ‘This garden he loved’.
To Harry, Arsenal FC very kindly issued us 2 tickets to see Arsenal v Crystal Palace. We had an enjoyable day with your best friend Callum and his mum Elaine. We remembered you with love and happy times. Callum and Elaine went home happy as their team Crystal Palace won 3-2. I was secretly pleased as I’ve only seen our team win when, Harry, you were here. Xxx
Harry, your good friend Callum and Elaine. They miss you very much and think of you often.
Harry’s sister, Martina, and the rest of Red Watch Fire Station in Edmonton. Raised and donated £60.
Harry, we sent balloons up to mark your 21st birthday. You are so special to us all.