Vietnam Cycle Ride

30th October to 11th November 2010

I had a fantastic time in Vietnam, the best thing I have ever done.

An extremely physical and emotionally demanding challenge but the most rewarding too.

I was lucky to be with an inspiring and really fun group who helped to make it the best experience of my life.

The team spirit and determination was so strong that it spurred everyone on to complete the long uphill trek.

The country was wonderful – breathtaking scenery, especially from 6000m up(!), and the people absolutely inspirational.

Very friendly and happy and we never tired of the children running out of their homes to wave and shout ‘hello’ to us as we cycled past.

The most wonderful way to really see the country and meet the people as they live their daily lives.

Claire Wilson

Claire was one of three CRY riders who tackled the Vietnam Cycle Ride, the others being Dale Thomas and Anthony Chapman.