Virgin London Marathon 2011

Virgin London Marathon

Congratulations and a huge thank you to all of our CRY runners in the Virgin London Marathon 2011. This year our team included CRY Patron Bill Neely (click here for a full list of CRY runners). Your fantastic efforts are truly appreciated and we hope the aches and pains are now a distant memory! Read more about the day here.

Thank you too, to all CRY volunteers who helped out on the day. Without your support the CRY ‘London Marathon experience’ would not be what it is.

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London Marathon stories from CRY runners (2000 – present)

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Virgin London Marathon 2012

The 2012 Virgin London Marathon online public ballot is now open! To apply for a place please visit The 2011 UK ballot system closed in a record 1 day when it reached 125,000 applicants last year, so we would advise applying as early as possible!

Public ballot results will be announced later in the year, and applicants will be notified whether they had been successful or not in securing a place in the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.

If you are interested in running the 2012 Virgin London Marathon for CRY, we recommend the twin-track approach of entering the public ballot and applying for a CRY charity place. You can apply for a 2012 CRY Golden Bond place via CRunCH at When you apply, you will receive an acknowledgement setting out the 2012 timetable. CRunCH will start to offer places from mid June 2011 onwards. This way, if you are lucky enough to be successful in the public ballot and have already been offered a CRY Golden Bond place, your charity place will become available, meaning that you can still run for CRY with your own place and we’ll be able to offer the charity place to another applicant. This is our most popular event so demand always exceeds the number of places we are able to obtain!

We welcome ballot place runners and offer the same support, fundraising materials and running vest as our Golden Bond runners receive. If you have a ballot place and would like to run for CRY please email or call 01737 363222.

Please note: If you are already on the CRunCH system as a result of dropping out of the 2011 event and intend to rollover your place to 2011, please DO NOT RE-APPLY. CRunCH will contact you directly.

If you have used the CRunCH system in the past but are making a new application for 2012 – i.e. not a rollover from 2011 – then please remember to choose a new password. Choosing the same password will invalidate your entry.

Volunteers needed on race day!

The London Marathon is a massive event for CRY, and we are always on the lookout for volunteers to help us on the day. The kinds of duties that we are seeking assistance with, include: post-race massage for runners; meeting CRY runners at the finish line; driving / escorting runners from the finish to the hotel (for shower, massage, etc); interviewing runners; organising a ‘cloakroom ticket’ system for runners wishing to use the shower / get a massage; distributing refreshments to CRY runners; setting up and dismantling CRY display boards at the post-race venue; photography.

If you would like to help out in any way, please e-mail

Every year, we have a team of CRY heart costume runners. We were delighted that the CRY heart costume runners in the London Marathon 2004 and 2005 were led by Professor Greg Whyte, former Olympic Pentathlete and CRY consultant for exercise and sports medicine. Greg also ran in a heart costume in 2003 and his image was used to decorate various magazine features including a Third Sector article about VAT and fundraising events, and EasyJet’s inflight magazine for April 2004 (above).

Greg, along with many of our runners, benefited from a personal fundraising web page.

For more information on the London Marathon visit the official site

Well done and thank you to the 114 CRY runners who took part in the 2011 London Marathon

Heart Costume Runners

Jamie Aggett (in memory of Ollie Marsden); Karen Birch (in memory of Charlie Morettes); Stuart Fawcett (in memory of Robert Lancaster); Malcolm Hilton (in memory of Hannah Turberville); Sarah Hinchliffe (in memory of Peter John Hinchliffe); Daniel Marsden (in memory of Ollie Marsden); Kevin Marsden (in memory of Ollie Marsden)

Golden Bond Runners

Christine Allen (in memory of Aaron Lundy); Jessica Ashbridge (in memory of Darren Hall); Gemma Banks (in memory of Scott Rennie); Gareth Barton (in memory of Aaron Lundy); Lizzie Cartwright (in memory of Caroline Johnstone); Andrew Champney (in memory of Guy Champney); David Chilton (in memory of Jonathan Picker); Roy Clark; Theresa Clark; Gav Copland (in memory of Chris Haw); Laurence Cotterell (in memory of Dave Styles); David Cross (in memory of Oliver Hewitt); Matt Cunnane; Steve Dale (in memory of Deb Randall); Margaret Delaney (in memory of Guy Champney); Peter Dickenson (in memory of Andrew Stevens); Janice Dobbin (in memory of Stuart Tocher); Jaime Duffin (in memory of Michelle Duffin); Richard Feist (in memory of Stuart Attridge); Fionna Friel (in memory Ralph Murwill); Karen Gentles; Robert Gilbert; Chris Gordon; Katy Griffiths; Jennifer Harrop (in memory of David Harrop); Anthony Hill; Dean Horn (in memory of Tom Reid); Chris Hughes (in memory of Aaron Lundy); Dion Jenkins (in memory of Paul Sykes); Jack Kelly (in memory of Neil Desai); Joe Kettle (in memory of David Williams); Aimee Khosla; Richard Leith (in memory of Alex Roberts); Seimon Lewis (in memory of Les Roberts); Jamie Littlejohns (in memory of Neil Desai); Wayne Lloyd; Alex Mayle; George McAlpin; Andrew McCann; Garry McGrotty (in memory of Aaron Lundy); Ivan McGrotty (in memory of Aaron Lundy); Eimhear McMahon (in memory of Kevin Fegan); Gregory Neely (in memory of Aaron Lundy); Thomas Nelson (in memory of Pete Rous); Matthew Nicholson (in memory of John McCall); Stephen Norris (in memory of Carl Dawson); Stephen Nutt (in memory of Gareth Thomas); Justin O’connell (in memory of Hannah McDonogh); Katie O’Donoghue (in memory of Ralph Murwill); Tim Parrack (in memory of Sebastian English); Ben Polkinghorn (in memory of Lee Stables); Amy Porter (in memory of Ryan Harrison); Kevin Postle (in memory of Les Roberts); Carl Richardson (in memory of Scott Rennie); Samantha Robinson; Thomas Rule (in memory of the Wood family); Adam Smith (in memory of Scott Rennie); Phillip Smith; Victoria Snell (in memory of Katherine); Kathryn Stenson (in memory of David Pollard); Miles Storey; Ayo Taiwo (in memory of David); Gordon Tanner (in memory of Ed Reading); Simon Titmus (in memory of Richard Waight); Dean Tooby (in memory of Robert Lancaster); Danielle Tyler; Ben Watson (in memory of Chris Haw); Gary Watson (in memory of Ian Bowen); John Weatherall (in memory of Les Roberts); John Weatherall Snr (in memory of Les Roberts); Philip Wolfe (in memory of Max Beeson Wolfe); Sabrina Wolfe (in memory of Max Beeson Wolfe); Mehmet Zekayi (in memory of Basil Zekayi)

Own Place Runners

Nicola Ash (in memory of Nathalie Cocks); Terry Barker (in memory of Ben Carter); John Bird; Nick Breckon; Ben Brook (in memory of Emlyn Wibberley); Eric Campbell (in memory of Cecilia Barriga); Christine Champney (in memory of Guy Champney); Justine Clark (in memory of Zoe Teale); Dominic Cooper (in memory of Kevin Wilson); Pam Dickins (in memory of Mark Marden); Keith Donegan; Sue Foyle (in memory of Thomas Dominy); Catherine French (in memory of Christopher Wheatley); Tom Gilbert (in memory of Vicky Stockton); Pamela Griffiths; Barry Holcombe (in memory of Andrew Holcombe); Humayun Kabir; Chris Legg (in memory of Jenny Legg); Davina Lonsdale; Simon Meecham; Simon Middleton-Burrows (in memory of Amanda McCarthy); Bill Neely; Bernadette O’Neill (in memory of Mike Rathbone); Lynne Rathbone (in memory of Mike Rathbone); Catherine Ann Sales; Jayne Sales; Andrea Smith (in memory of Selma Gemal); Carly Sykes (in memory of Paul Sykes); Hilary Wagstaff (in memory of Ethan Jones); Sarah Wildy (in memory of David Williams); Stacey Wildy (in memory of David Williams); Neil Williams (in memory of Zoe Teale)