Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

Congratulations and a huge thank you to all the CRY runners who took part in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 on Sunday 22nd April on what has been reported as the hottest London Marathon on record! We’re extremely proud of all our runners and grateful to them all for choosing to support us.

99 runners supported CRY this year, running the 26.2-mile course through the centre of London. Running his 9th consecutive race in memory of Katrina Brown was CRY Patron Bill Neely, Chief Global Correspondent for NBC.

CRY staff Hiddy, Nat and Nicola as well as volunteer Rob Pring greeted runners and supporters at the start line to wish them good luck and kick off our social media coverage for the day, posting photos of the runners on Twitter.

Runners were invited to a post-race reception at the Hilton London Green Park Hotel, where refreshments (including a special discounted menu), shower facilities and much-deserved complimentary massages were available. Many thanks to CRY volunteers Rob Lundberg and Ian Wynn for setting up the massage facilities on the day.

Hiddy, Nat, volunteers and our runners’ families and friends kindly took photographs and cheered for all of our runners at miles 12 and 23, giving them the extra boost they needed to keep going. CRY’s volunteer cheerers were:

Jenny and James Boag, Graham Day, Terry and Don Granner, Wendy and Phil Harrington, Eirini Lyra, Anna Mahoney, Grant Nivett, Marina Tomsett, Sarah Tyler, Katie Williams and Elsa Williamson.

Katy and Chris Turberville, along with Graeme Attridge, Debra and Joy Down, Bob and Carol Finch, Abi and Harriet Jonas, Rob Pring and Jackie Worboys – also CRY volunteers – waited in Waterloo Place, near the finish area, to welcome the CRY runners and offer them a drink and snack whilst they waited for the CRY shuttle service to take them back to the post-race reception.

The first CRY runner to cross the finish line was Joseph Booth who finished in 03:42:08 and the first CRY runner back to the hotel was Gary Farrow who finished soon after in 03:45:11.

As the afternoon progressed, runners started trickling back to the hotel. CRY staff member Maria Carter and volunteer Jo Pickard greeted them outside the hotel and directed them to the reception area where each of them were welcomed with well-deserved cheers and applause. They were then checked in by volunteers Barbara and Jim Holland, offered a CRY medal by volunteer Sarah Wright, photographed by CRY staff member Toby and offered plenty of refreshments.

The main reception room was buzzing, filled with runners, families and friends sharing their experiences from the day. It was a pleasure for CRY staff to meet everyone and thank them for their incredible efforts.

The runners were taken to the massage suites where the therapists helped to relieve their aching muscles. The massage areas were supervised by Balbinder Chutti and Narinder Mann who did a wonderful job of accompanying the runners and ensuring that they were not interrupted during their treatment.

A huge “thank you” to our volunteer massage therapists Teresa Brook, Alice and Karen Bacon, Andy Clarke, Jemma Clements, Samantha Hack, Daniel Holmes, Lorraine Hughes, Rob Lundberg, Clive Muller, Rebecca Pinnell, Stephanie Poulter, Maria Regan, Lisa Stepney, Andy Tibbott, Mike Tointon and Ian Wynn, some of whom have helped out regularly over the years and were much appreciated by all the CRY runners who came back to the hotel.

After their soothing massages, runners were escorted to the hotel bedrooms which had been reserved for showers by CRY staff members Trudi Skelding, Rhianne Watson, Nicola Wright and volunteer Isabel Turner.

Thank you so much to the runners and supporters who were able to come back to the hotel to meet us. And, of course, a huge thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers.

As always, it was a challenging and emotional day for everyone, and especially difficult for those who were running or supporting runners in memory of a young person.

We are grateful to everyone who has sent in photographs from the day. If you haven’t already done so, please do send any you have to – we will include as many as possible on CRY’s Flickr account in the coming weeks.

Volunteer Kerry Ferne and CRY staff member Phil Houlton did a wonderful job of taking photos of CRY runners at the Grandstand, whilst CRY staff member Toby did a great job at the hotel and CRY staff members Hiddy and Nat and volunteers Wendy Harrington and Marina Tomsett captured action shots along the route. Nat and Toby were able to tweet photos and information about CRY runners throughout the day.

Thank you to the Hilton London Green Park Hotel for once again hosting our post-event reception and providing dedicated staff to assist with any queries, as well as providing many extra facilities for CRY.

A final thank you to Kendall Cars Leatherhead for providing us with a discount on the hire of the two vehicles used to shuttle the runners from the finish to the hotel –we are very grateful for your support.

We cannot thank each and every one of our runners enough for their time, effort and valued support. Well done to everyone!

The CRY Team

All of the photos from the day can be viewed in our London Marathon 2018 Flickr gallery.

Name Surname In memory of
Fleur Adderley Matt Cragg
George Apps Junior Dian
Matthew Atkinson Jack Atkinson
Daniel Augustine
Lynsey Ayers Martyn Luckett
James Bachelor Rosie Mitchell
Hayden Bailey Tom Day
Martin Baker Ralph Murwill
Jonathan Barnes Howard and Sebastion English
Joshua Baron
George Bastiman James Moorfoot
John Battle
Anna Bettiss
Nicola Blair Christoper Hynd
Jon Boast Joanne White
Joseph Booth
Dan Brickell Max Biles
Nick Brown
Dom Bruneau David Nunoo
Verity Burn Seth Woolley
Jonathan Butcher Adam Pearmine
Sophie Butterworth Tom Russell
Chris Callow James Jermy
Sarah Carter
Jon Chappell Neil Walden and Isobel Midgley
Kelly Cheney Ollie Thompson
Nicola Clark
Nicola Courtnage Luke Rutter
Victoria Cross Phil Cross
James Cunningham Matthew Beadle
Alice Currell Sebastian English
Rosalyn Day Tom Day
Naomi De Silva Kevin De Silva
Heidi Dormer
Simon Drake Max Biles
Gary Farrow James Moorfoot
Noel Fitzgerald Anthony Fitzgerald
Hannah Godfrey Matthew Hughes
Laura Godtschalk
Ryan Griffiths Kayleigh Griffiths
Amber Hagan
John (Jadie) Hassell Aaron Dixon
Lisa Humphries Lewis Marsh
Oliver Hunt Matt Hadfield
Brandon Johnson
Steve Jones Phil Cross
Ciaran Judge
Stefan Klasener Harry Faulkner
Tania Lambert Aaron Dixon
Stuart Lammin Barry Nivett
Rebecca Leigh Jonathan Leigh
Paul Lote-Williams
Joe Lynskey
Jack Lyons Danny Brown
Laura Marks Issy Tudisca
Eleanor Mason Camilla Irvine
Joanne Mcallister Tom Bovington
Aravon McCann Aine McCann
Georgina McCluskey Dhara Bhatt
Lilli McGeehan Sara Pilkington
Liam McLaughlin
Andrew Mitchell Rosie Mitchell
Jonathan Murdoch-Smith
Christopher Myhill Hughes
Bill Neely Katrina Brown
Kevin Nicholas James Nicholas
Neil O’Sullivan Gareth McDonald
Nigel Oxley Natasha Gray-Cowley
Ciaran Padhiar
George Pangborn Simon Pangborn
Sandra Pankhurst Lewis Marsh
Alastair Pickering Hannah Pickering
Christopher Ransom Elizabeth Ransom
Michael Ransom Elizabeth Ransom
Carl Rattley Richard Tomkins
Grant Read Isabelle Tudisca
Sophie Rhodes Andy Forbes
Jenny Routley
Nicola Salzl Phil Cross
Vicky Scott Harry Dubois
James Skinner Andrew Skinner
Alexander Smith
Alice Spooner Timmy Spooner
Andy Stannard
Lisa Stubbs
Chris Summers Ben Daniels
Chris Swain Adam Lewis
Phil Sweatman Ben Hammond
Allen Talbot Jannick Lam
Daniel Tardif Simon Pangborn
Dominic Toms Ethan Jones
Helen Vaites Harry Faulkner
Andrej Vaughan Simon Pangborn
Clinton Walsh Paul Walsh, Dan Haxton and Mark Hilder
Fiona Watters
Matthew White Megan Harding-Jones
Chloe Wilkinson Alan Lumley
Ffion Williams Maria Titley
Luk Ying Yick Harry Dubois