Vu Vo to Take On London Marathon for CRY in Memory of Best Friend Simon Sin

Newham Recorder, 24th March 2020

Vu was inspired to take up the challenge following the death of his best friend, Simon who passed away in 2018 at the age of just 35 of a sudden cardiac arrest. Vu tells the story:

“I remember clearly being over at Simon’s house, my oldest and best friend since childhood. We were talking up things we would do, saying that in our lifetime we would run the London Marathon. We promised. However, tragically and suddenly within two weeks of this promise, Simon passed away from sudden cardiac arrest.”

“In memory of Simon, I’m honouring our promise to run the London Marathon,” he continued. “We should act in the now rather than waiting for things to fall into place as it may never happen.”

He will be running to raise money for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). The event has now been postponed till October 4th due to the spread of corona virus. However Vu remains determined to complete this challenge stating: “To be honest, I’m a bit anxious as it is totally out of my comfort zon. Training has been harder than I had realised. I’ve wanted to quit on several of my long runs, but I’ve managed to keep inching forward. I’m determined to get to that finish line.”

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