Walk & Talk

Walk & Talk is a small voluntary group, established by CRY Representatives Jeff and Sandra Markham, who meet once every two months. The walks are not for fundraising, or raising awareness, but just a social gathering for CRY families and CRY individuals to give the opportunity to meet with others who have been affected by a young sudden cardiac death.

The London Walk & Talk group is run by Sandra and Jeff Markham, which are often based around the London parks.

The Gloucestershire Walk & Talk group is run by CRY Representatives Linda and Geoff Goodwin, which are often based around the Severn River and canals.

The North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Walk & Talk group is run by CRY Representatives Dave and Sue Hughes.

The Devon Walk & Talk group is run by CRY Representative Jenny Thomas.

Most people come for the walk and the lunch, but if you prefer you can join for just the walk or the lunch. The groups normally meet at 10.30am for the walk, and return for lunch at 1pm.

Whilst Walk & Talk are a separate voluntary organisation to CRY and CRY is not involved in any capacity to organise the events, the initiative is overseen by CRY Representatives.

If you would be interested in receiving further information about Walk & Talk, please email Lily at the CRY office at lily@c-r-y.org.uk, who will put you in touch with the Walk Leaders. The Walk Leaders would keep you in touch with any upcoming walks in case you would like to join them. There are no registration fees to join Walk & Talk, you would just need to cover your own lunch and travel expenses.