Why do you cry? – poem by Kathryn Badon

Adrian MFWhy do you cry for no reason?
I saw your tears so readily fall,
One moment you were smiling and happy,
Not sure anything happened at all?

Well it did – in my head I was thinking, I saw my late son’s smiling eyes, And for that solitary moment, He was with me again by my side.

When did this dreadful thing happen?
It is very sad to be sure,
A mother should not lose her children,
The son who you love and adore.

It happened so silently and swiftly,
For me no goodbye or farewell,
His heart stopped, he was dead in an instant, And I’m left with this motherly hell!

But surely the pain it will soften,
The sadness and memory fade,
Your pain is too difficult to bear I agree, You seem though incredibly brave.

Whilst outside I give a persona,
Of coping with the hand I’ve received,
Inside I cling onto the sadness,
It stands for all my son did and believed.

Kathryn Badon