£10,000 Anonymously Donated to the Daniel Hughes Memorial Fund

The NWE Mail, 8th October 2019

Sue and Dave Hughes received mystery donation of £10,000 to their son’s memorial fund. The couple say they were delighted by the donation which they intend to use to fund heart screenings in Barrow.

“Raising awareness of the dangers of undiagnosed heart defects is something my Sue and myself take very seriously following the death of our son Daniel,” said Dave Hughes. “We have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of people about Dan and the work we do. One such conversation has resulted in an anonymous donation of £10,000 to Dan’s Memorial fund and we are pleased to say that we are going to set aside £2,500 of that to start a fund to stage a heart screening day for the young people of Barrow. “

He continued: “To stage a full day of screening for 100 young people costs £5,000 so I am going to be staging fundraising events and looking for sponsors to help fund the other £2,500.”

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