11 Year Old Zoe Completes Edinburgh Kilt Walk in Memory of Ben Forsyth Raising Funds for CRY


Zoe, who is only 11, is very active (along with her brother) and loves to ride with her cycle club, the Edinburgh Road Club (ERC), which is the club Ben also rode with.  This year the club has been hosting a few fundraising events to raise money and awareness for Ben’s fund and the charity CRY.  Earlier in the year, Zoe knitted 3 pairs of club colour mittens which were raffled off and raised £74; and this weekend (Sept 15th 2019) Zoe and I walked 14.5 miles (23 km) in the Edinburgh Kilt Walk.  It was hard going as we had only reached about 8 miles in any practice walks, but we made it!  Taking just under 5 hours (moving time) we crossed the line having achieved a huge goal for an 11 year old!  Our aim was to raise £200 but we smashed that and with the 40% uplift from The Hunter Foundation have made a huge £687!   

Therefore this year Zoe has helped to raise an amazing £761 for Ben’s fund and the CRY charity.

-Cate Blyth