A Poem by Julie Hatton

My child was cheeky,
So full of flair,
Such big brown eyes and curly hair,
A face so cute,
A smile so bright,
He now lights up the stars at night.

When God came and took you away,
He left me here alone to stay,
The pain sometime’s to much to bear,
I need your love, your touch, your care,
I do thank God from up above,
For sending you here for me to love.

Even though it was only for those few short years,
It’s been worth all the pain and the tears.
My darling you have made me see,
That life is for eternity.
You shower me with all your love,
From in the heavens up above.

I feel your presence,
I feel your soul,
Though in my heart remains a hole,
No one can fill,
No one can mend,
A broken heart until the end.

The day you left, a part of me died,
But one sweet day I know you’ll be back by my side.

by Julie Hatton