A Special Friend – by Rhianne Bertie

A Special Friend

I remember way back in December,
the tragic loss
of my friend Liam Ross,

Liam Jack Ross, I miss him dearly,
and at times I show that clearly
he was such a warm friend,
that nobody wanted things to end.

So when I go out at night and look out far,
I do know he’s that Shining Star.

He used to think I was posh,
but my personality he did not try to squash,
over lounge and living room we were in dispute,
and all his answers came out cute!

So he asked me, is it a large liquid filled container
or a bath?
This amongst many other jokes made me laugh,
(Never before have I had so many laughs in Maths!)

Liam made me laugh in every way.
He taught me to be positive each and every day.

by Rhianne Bertie