Adrian Badon poem by Kathryn Badon

Adrian Badon

There is a hole in my family where my son used to be,
Two siblings left, where there used to be three.
On Easter and Christmas and birthdays it’s worse,
Feels the wrong thing has happened – a family curse?
In all of this sadness we must all find a way,
of being able to explore and live on through each day.
Reconstructing our lives so that we can be free,
But that does not mean forgetting you see.
My son remains special and lives on in our hearts,
We cling on to his memories now we’re apart.
Still striving to learn and be the best we can be,
Sometimes exploring the corners we’d rather not see.
Still a family whole, just in different places,
So when we all meet there’ll be joy on our faces.
Allowing that healing to give our family peace,
Accepting the unacceptable so we get that release.
With a pain that is real and you want to hold near,
For my most precious son I will always hold dear.