CRY supports the placement of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at public places throughout the UK and many groups and charities are doing excellent work to take this forward. However, we believe it is important for the placement of AEDs to work alongside CRY’s long-standing goal of identifying young people who are at risk before a traumatic incident occurs.

It is important to note that in CRY’s experience, many young sudden cardiac deaths occur in places where defibrillators are not available – e.g. at home and / or during sleep. Furthermore, not all cardiac arrests have shockable rhythms.

CRY’s position is that its primary focus should be on ensuring that young people with cardiac conditions, who may be at risk of sudden death, are identified prior to a cardiac arrest. For more information about CRY’s cardiac screening programme visit

For more information about AEDs we would suggest contacting The Community Heartbeat Trust