Angie and Jack Child's Ruby Wedding Anniversary

31st October 2010

We have great pleasure in sending you cheques for the sum of £575, raised at both a linedance party for our friends and a family event, to mark our Ruby Wedding Anniversary. We decided to have no presents as at our stage of life we have enough stuff to fill several houses over, so came up with the idea of raising money for CRY.

Our Ruby Wedding Anniversary was actually on the 31st October, whilst the party for our linedancing friends was on the 6th November. The evening was run by our very good friend Kim Ray of Bluegrass Linedance Club. We also had Natalie Thurlow perform for us, who sang all our favourite dances. All our very good linedancing friends joined us for a fabulous evening, to celebrate our 40 years together

On the Sunday we had a tea party in our village hall for non linedance friends and family. Quite a hectic weekend but well worth it. Let’s hope we still have the same energy and enthusiasm on the 50th!!

Angie & Jack Child