Ball in memory of Eleanor Keeler


We have had nothing but positive comments about the ball, and there were many people staying until the end at 01.00. Stamina or what! All the music was good, from our “Frank Sinatra” tribute singer, and the band and DJ (who offered his services for nothing as he felt it to be such a good cause). The venue was splendid and food commented upon. We took about £12,000 on the night but have about £2,760 to come in plus over £3,000 two people have made by running the London Marathon. That means there is over £18,000 due to go into the CRY memorial fund. A great result. The Stoke shirt made £36.00 which was ok as we are nowhere near Stoke, and the Ian Botham shirt made £90.00. Chris managed to find a first edition signed autobiography (his first autobiography from years ago) by Ian to go with it so I hope that this was a fair price.

I will write a proper update when all the money is in which may not be for another month.

Annette Keeler