Bear Grylls Survival Race in memory of Jannik Lam


We completed the “Bear Grylls Survival Race”, a five kilometre obstacle race, in memory of our friend Jannik Lam. Our main aim was to raise awareness of cardiac abnormalities and to encourage as many young people as possible to get tested.

Here are some pictures before, during and after our race. We started off the race very optimistic having raised £670, which was over our initial target of £500. During the race, we had lots of fun wading through muddy rivers, swinging from ropes, climbing over fences and jumping over fire. We threw ourselves into the race and definitely threw some mud at each other (which turned out not to be mud…) and we had the most amazing time and a good laugh. We all crossed the finishing line hand-in-hand in memory of Jannik. We hope that this will motivate you to do the same and spread awareness amongst everyone you know.

Thank you,

Henry, Melissa, Alex & Josh