Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for the Lizzie Nee Memorial Fund


Our dear friends, Dawn and Simon, held a wonderful party to celebrate four big birthdays in their family this year. They are Dawn’s mum, Doreen (90), Dawn (60), Dawn and Simon’s daughter, Emma (30) and their niece, Samantha (21).

They requested donations to Lizzie’s memorial fund instead of presents. The tremendous generosity of Dawn, Simon, Doreen, Emma, Samantha and their family and friends who attended the party raised over £1300.

We, Lizzie’s heartbroken parents, find social events very difficult but this was very special occasion and meant a great deal to us as Lizzie was very much recognised at the party. The house was filled with 90 pink lisianthus flowers, recognising both Doreen’s special birthday and Lizzie’s favourite colour. The beautiful cake was decorated in four quarters to depict each of the birthday girls! It was also bordered with 22 pink hearts, for Lizzie’s 22 years. The central pink heart was decorated with the letter ‘L’ for our precious Lizzie.

We are so blessed to have such special people in our lives.

Cath Nee