Bookmarks for CRY

CRY supporter Mike Fleet has written a book about his experiences in athletics. To celebrate this and support CRY he has got many important names in the sports world to sign bookmarks with photos of themselves on to sell for CRY.

As of April 2012, this project had raised over £5,500 for CRY.

These bookmarks will be supplied to supporters of CRY who in turn make a donation to the charity. If you are interested in any of the bookmarks on offer then please contact Ben on 01737 363222 or email to discuss your requirements and to arrange a donation.

Legend Suggested donation £50 

Superstars Suggested donation £25

Historical Superstars Suggested donation £15

Historical Stars Suggested donation £5

Current/recent Superstars Suggested donation £10

Current/recent Stars Suggested donation £3

Odd One Out! Suggested donation £8