Boy with a 'funny heart' died jogging

A teenager who collapsed and died while jogging had commented that his heart did ‘funny things sometimes’, an inquest heard.
Graham Cataldo Davies, 16, had Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).
His family is campaigning for greater awareness of the condition.
Graham, who had told a teacher that he sometimes had a funny feeling in his chest, collapsed while jogging in Nailsworth, Glos., in April 2007.
After the inquest, Suzanne Cataldo, his mother, said every parent should be aware of possible symptoms such as chest pain, fainting and breathlessness and if their child had any of them should take them to a doctor.
His family gives as much support as it can to Cardiac Risk in the Young which funds research into the causes of unexplained sudden death.
Alan Crickmore, the coroner, said when Graham had collapsed is heart had gone into a sudden arrhythmia despite the fact that he was a fit young man.
Verdict: natural causes.