Bradley, 15, is a miracle boy

A teenager

who died and miraculously came back to life is now bravely battling to highlight

the cause of his near-death experience.


Farrow, 15, of Sheerwater, a pupil at Bishop David Brown School, suffers from

Brugada Syndrome which causes his heart to race and move into cardiac arrest

He is now

desperate for funds to raise awareness about the syndrome and has become

involved with the charity CRY – Cardiac Risk in the Young.

Speaking of

her son's plight, his mother Eddie said: "It was last

October when Bradley collapsed and his heart went into cardiac arrest. But the impact of hitting the floor was enough to trigger the heart to

re-start. If he hadn't been standing up he wouldn't be here today"

Bradley was

rushed to St Peter's Hospital where doctors found he had a low pulse rate. He was admitted and kept in for observation, where an ECG picked up an abnormal

wave in his heart and he was sent to Royal Brompton Hospital.

It was there

that he was tested for Brugada but didn't react. However a consultant was

concerned that he was suffering from the syndrome and after a second

investigation he tested positive.

Since being

diagnosed with the condition, Bradley has had a defibrillator inserted to prevent his heart going into cardiac arrest and a

pacemaker to try and keep his heart rate at normal levels. If

the device detects an irregular beating pattern or his heart stops, the device

sends electrical impulses into his heart to restore normal rhythm.

The student, who lists antiques and archaeology

as his interests and wants to be a youth worker when he leaves school, is keen

to raise money for further research and enable children to be tested for Brugada

Syndrome and other hidden heart conditions which if undetected can cause sudden


Mrs Farrow said: "The whole family have been

very god through the whole situation. We are very proud of him as he's

taken this on to raise money and awareness. for a 15-year-old boy its

quite an accomplishment."