Bradley's cry from the heart

A teenager who died and

miraculously came

back to life again is trying to help others come to terms with life-saving


Bradley Farrow, 16, from Shearwater suffers

from Brugada Syndrome, which causes his heart to race and move into

cardiac arrest.

In October last year Bradley collapsed and

his heart went into cardiac arrest. However, the impact of hitting

the floor was enough to trigger his heart back into action.

Bradley underwent an operation to insert a

defibrillator to prevent his heart from going into any further cardiac

arrests and a pacemaker to keep his heart rate at normal levels.

The brave teenager now wants to raise

awareness of the organisation CRY – cardiac Risk in the Young.

At the end of September this year, CRY

launched a club for young people who have had, or are about to have,

potentially life-saving surgery and want to talk to others who have been

through a similar experience.

Bradley explained: "Six of us – the

founder members of what is to be called the CRY SS Club ( CRY Surgery

Supporters Club) – met in the CRY office to talk about our experiences.

"We met Dr Elijah Behr, a specialist

registrar in cardiology at St George's Hospital Medical School. It

was very relaxed and we asked questions on issues that we wouldn't

normally ask our cardiologists.

"It was good to talk to others who

have been through similar experiences as myself.

We all agreed that there needs to be more

done to raise awareness about Sudden Death Syndromes and more support for

young people and families affected by them.

I wish I could have talked to someone

before I had my implantation.

You have so many things you want to ask but

you don't want to ask your parents as they are as uptight about it as you,

and you don't want to ask the doctors as they may think that you are

being silly.

"This club should help solve these

problems, because it's young people talking to other young people."