Cardiac Conditions in the Young: From ARVC to WPW

Medical-information-booklet-cover-mainIf you would like to download this new medical information booklet in PDF format, please click on the cover image on the right.

Copies of this booklet are available on request in the UK. Call the CRY office on 01737 363 222.

The booklet provides information for a young person who has been diagnosed with a cardiac condition, and their family and relatives, and was written by Dr Elijah R Behr, Dr Michael Papadakis and Professor Sanjay Sharma.


The booklet:

  • explains how the heart works and how blackouts and cardiac arrest may be caused
  • explains what the arrhythmia syndromes or channelopathies are
  • explains what the cardiomyopathies are
  • explains what Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, Marfan syndrome, myocarditis, coronary artery anomalies and coronary heart disease are
  • explains why it is important that blood relatives of a person with such a cardiac condition should have a medical examination and tests to find out if they have inherited the same condition
  • describes the tests your doctor may ask you to have
  • offers advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle if you are found to have one of these heart conditions