Cardiomyopathy – silent heart killer

Friends and family have raised more than £2000 in memory of young

athlete Christopher Rennard, who died after taking part in a school run.


15, was suffering from the silent but deadly heart disease Cardiomyopathy, the same illness that caused the death of

Daniel Yorath, son of former Leeds United star Terry, pictured here with

Louise O'Brien, Christopher's mum, her four children and Alan Boot who

organised the event.


is a hereditary disease that causes a thickening of the heart

muscle. It is among the biggest single cause of sudden cardiac

death among young people.


a special fund raising event attended by the former soccer hero and now

manager of Sheffield Wednesday, members of the Stanningly Sports Club

raised over £2000 in tribute to junior member Christopher.


have also pledged to install a plaque celebrating his young life at the

club grounds.


known as Kit, was found collapsed by his sister a little over an hour

after taking part in an inter-school athletics contest for West Leeds in



showed he had been killed by the same heart condition, Cardiomyopathy,

that claimed the life of Daniel Yorath, who collapsed and died playing

football in his garden.


mum, Louise O'Brien, of Armley, Leeds, now aims to raise thousands of pounds

for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young, who are a support group for

families of victims of Cardiomyopathy and similar sudden



said:" The fund-raising night was quite difficult; all of Kit's

friends were there and I kept looking for Kit too. It was a lovely

night though. I was reminded how much everyone cared about



is now planning a series of fund-raising events of her own and is

appealing for help to organise them. She can be contacted through

the sports club on 0113 256 0847.