Daniel Newman

I have tried so many times to write my story, but this is not just my story, this is about Dan. Daniel Newman was 31 when he passed away on July 15th 2010, he was my boyfriend of 8.5 years and he was a wonderful son, brother, nephew and friend. Dan was told he had […]

Iain Davidson

4th March 2013 was the day my life changed. My boyfriend of 6 years died: suddenly, far too young and without any warning. His heart stopped in his sleep. The cause of death for my healthy 29 year old man was heart failure. My entire world collapsed. The grief was all consuming, deep, dull and […]

Ricky Jones

My name is Hannah and I am 19. This is my story about the love of my life, Ricky Jones, who died aged 31 years. Me, my boyfriend Ricky and son Theo had been waiting for the 5th of May to come around, as that was the day we were heading to Butlins in Minehead […]

Stephen Connor

The morning of 8th December was just like any other Sunday; Stephen woke up to get ready for football while I stopped in bed. Stephen said goodbye and gave me a kiss and said “see you later”. He went outside and changed the cars around so he could drive his to football, then he came […]

Jonathan Picker

Jonathan and I met back in 1997 and I knew I had found my perfect partner. We married the following year and had several wonderful years before we decided to have a family of our own. In 2002 I gave birth to our beautiful son Thomas. We had so many plans and dreams for our […]

In memory of my fiancée Deb

The 29th June 2004 is a day that I will never forget!! The previous day I had left my fiancée to go home to my parents for the night – this was nothing unusual as we were waiting to move into a new home together. It was about 10pm when I got a text message […]

Neville McIntosh

Neville – or Nev as most of us knew him – was born on 11th March 1970. He was known to be always on the go – always smiling, cracking jokes and would always help people out. He became the very, very proud father of his 3 beautiful children, Alex(17), Olivia(13) and Claudia(6). I (Kirsty) […]

Chris Gorman

My husband died on the 28 June 2007. He was a healthy, fit 29 year old man. He had been training all year for the London to Brighton bike ride. He had been cycling 30 miles every weekend and there had never been a problem. He left my house on the Saturday night before the […]

Maxwell George French

Maxwell George French died at 21.18 on 25th June 2007. He was 24. It had just been a normal Monday evening. My tea was ready on the table when I got back from work and we sat down to discuss our days. Max then got into his sports kit ready to play football with some […]

Kevin Alan Eaton

My name is Louisa Eaton, and on 22 July 2007 my 28 year old husband, Kevin Eaton had a seizure at home and died. After investigation, it was found that he had suffered a heart attack caused by Coronary Artery Disease. Shock is an understatement. He hadn’t felt particularly well that week but nothing out […]