Charity Fundraising Challenge Events

Parachute JumpEvents offered by SKYLINE

Ever wanted to feel the exhilaration of a parachute jump from 10,000ft?  Or perhaps you would prefer to soak up the scenery on a bike ride through Vietnam?  If you want to combine fundraising for CRY with a once-in-a-lifetime challenge, then perhaps one of these events could be for you!  Raise enough sponsorship money for CRY, and you will be able to take part in one of the following events at little or no cost to yourself!  These events are organised on CRY’s behalf by the events company Skyline.Mountain Climb

Events offered by Across The Divide

As well as the fundraising events listed above which are organised by Skyline, it is also possible to take part in a diverse selection of overseas fundraising challenge events organised by Across The Divide. Follow this link for more details of:

  • Dog Sledding in the Arctic Circle
  • Finan to Petra Jordan Trek
  • Grand Canyon Trek
  • Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Trek to Angkor Wat
  • Edinburgh to London Cycle
  • Grand Canyon Ultra Marathon
  • Namibia 24 hour Ultra Marathon

Please e-mail if you are interested in any of these Across The Divide events.

Himalayan Adventure

The tour group is offering a special deal to CRY supporters who want to use a trip to the Himalayas as a fundraising event. Himalayan Adventure

Himalayan Frontiers will tailor a Himalayan experience to your requirements, allowing you to sample such diverse experiences as mountaineering; white water rafting; paragliding; kayaking; bungy jumping; game fishing; parahawking; voluntary / conservation work – and many others besides. Check their website for full details.

If you tell Himalayan Frontiers that you wish your trip to be a fundraising event for CRY, and you raise at least £500 in sponsorship money, you will receive a 15% discount on the tour costs. This will be refunded to you by Himalayan Frontiers once CRY has received at least £500 of sponsorship money.

To help you raise sponsorship money and get publicity for your trip, CRY will send you a fundraising pack, and a CRY T-shirt for you to proudly wear as you explore the Himalayan region!

More Events – More Choice…………

If none of the events above seem right for you, there is an alternative way to go about raising money for CRY via some sort of challenge event or trip. There are a number of specialist events organisers – offering a diverse array of events – who can be contacted by individuals who wish to raise money for CRY. Two of the best organisations are Charity Challenge and Discover Adventure.

Some of the events they offer include: Great Wall of China Challenge; Brazil School Project; Nepal, The Pike Peak Summit; Andean Volcanoes Challenge; Kilimanjaro Climb; Explore the Inca Trail; Mongolian Horse Riding Challenge; Granada to Malaga Bike Ride; Mexican Jungle Challenge – and many more. You will find full listings on their websites.

These events organisers offer two different payment options. The first option is for the person undertaking the challenge to pay the full cost of the event up front, and to then set about raising sponsorship money once the event is paid for. For example, if an event costs £1500 the person undertaking the event would pay the £1500 up front out of their own pocket, and then set about raising sponsorship money. All of the sponsorship money raised would then go to the charity.

The second payment option is similar to the free events offered above. Under this second option, the chosen event has a ‘minimum sponsorship level’ – usually around twice the cost of the event. The cost of the event is paid for from this minimum sponsorship level, with the rest of the money raised going to the charity.

For example, an event with a cost of £1500 might have a minimum sponsorship level of £3000. A person undertaking the event would need to raise at least £3000. From the total sponsorship money raised, £1500 would go to the event organisers to pay for the event, and the rest would go to the charity – so if £3500 was raised in total, the charity would receive £2000.

Many of the events offered by these organisations are very large undertakings, and require a lot of sponsorship money. However, they are ‘once in a lifetime’ types of event and are great for people looking for a memorable challenge. If there is a Charity Challenge or Discover Adventure event you would like to undertake for CRY, and you would like to discuss it further, then you can contact the organisers directly and / or call the CRY office and ask to speak to Kerry.