CRY Chairman and Consultant nominated for Screening Bill working group


Chairman Dr Greg Whyte (Director of Science and Research at the English

Institute of Sport) and CRY's consultant Dr Sanjay Sharma (consultant

cardiologist at Lewisham University Hospital) are the first nominations

for the working group (Sudden Death in the Young / Screening) to be

chaired by Professor Bill McKenna, world expert on young sudden cardiac

death and CRY's first Patron.


is the sub-group nominated to address the issue of screening for

signs and symptoms after death or diagnosis, that was the basis

of Dari Taylor MP's Cardiac Risk in the Young (Screening) Bill that was

debated in the House on March 15 2004.


Minister Melanie Johnson responded at the conclusion of the debate to

the work done by Dari and CRY raising awareness of the issue of young

sudden cardiac death, with the offer leading to this consultation period

for a new chapter in the National Service Framework on Arrhythmias and

Sudden Death. Dr

Sharma crucially provided the medical information that informed

Dari's Bill, and in tandem with Dr Whyte advised on the highly specialised

aspect of screening in sport.