CRY Great Cake Bake 2013 – Bosch Rexroth Ltd

“With a selection of Scrumptious Coffee Cake, Yummy Fudge & Vanilla Cupcakes and Gooey Millionaire’s Shortbread up for grabs, we raised a fantastic £154.50 with Wakefield’s Bosch Rexroth CRY Cake Bake Event on Thursday 28th November.

It’s really heart-warming to see how much the people here at Bosch Rexroth are willing to support the work CRY do for young people in Britain, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to everyone who has donated. Alastair Johnstone, our Managing Director for Bosch Rexroth UK kindly donated an additional £100 to CRY after hearing about the event which was great! The event was held in memory of Jonathan Leigh – Thank-you everyone!!

I hope this year’s CRY Cake Bake Week has been an amazing success and between us we’ve raised even more than last year’s event! Looking forward to November 2014 already.

Please find attached a couple of the pictures from yesterday.”

Juliette Morton