ECG donation

A Hailsham florist and Rotary AM have teamed up to fund a new life-saving ECG machine at the DGH.

Kevin and Alison Loveland, of the Posy Bowl, held Fund with Flowers shows in the Hailsham Pavilion in December.

Proceeds from the successful evenings were put towards the cost of the machine, as well as a share of the monies raised from Opera in the Park organised by Rotary AM in liaison with the charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young).

The machine will be placed in the medical assessment unit in memory of Jeremy Cole, a youngster who died aged just 14 from an undetected heart condition.

His parents Jenny and Nigel Cole said: “We would like to thank Kevin and Alison and also Marianne Williams of Rotary AM for their tremendous support in purchasing what is a vital piece of medical equipment that will be put to very good use for the benefit of the peo0ple of Eastbourne and the surrounding area.”

This is the fifth ECG machine to be purchased and used within the Eastbourne area by Jenny and Nigel in their son’s memory – four are in the hospital and one in a local surgery.