Family Burden

The son and daughter of a

young mother who died of sudden death syndrome have been diagnosed with

the same disease.


Liam Belger and his baby sister Ella were screened for the rare heart

defect cardiac arrhythmia following the death of their 21-year-old mum

Amanda, of Plas Porth, Uchaf, Conwy.


London-based cardiologist also carried out specialised ECG tests on

Mandy's close family and relatives, but results showed that her two

children were the only ones found to have long QT syndrome.


is the latest in a series of setbacks for the Belgers. Last year the

Weekly News reported how police wrongly blamed Mandy's death on

heroin overdose, following speculation over a batch of rogue drugs

circulating in the Caernarfon area where she was found dead.

Her mother Sandra Arm­strong

said North Wales Police admitted the mistake, hut she is yet to receive

an apology.

Since Mandy