Family Organises Fundraising Bike Ride in Memory of Anthony Talbot

Lancashire Post, 12th March 2020

Anthony Talbot was 48 years old when he passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest at work. He had known he had a heart condition called cardiomyopathy but was told it was mild. Now, his family has planned four day, 350 mile, fundraising bike ride from Preston to Ireland in order to support Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and North West Air Ambulance in memory of Anthony. The cycle will be led by Anthony’s brother Rob and is being planned to take place between the 30th of June and 4th of July.

“Rob is a keen cyclist and has completed lots and lots of charity events in the past,” said Anthony’s wife Joanne. “It used to be that Anthony would meet him at the end to cheer him on. They were very close brothers, best friends really, and saw each other nearly every day. Organising and training for this bike ride has been good for Rob because it’s given him something to focus on and has helped him with the process of grieving.”

She added: “It’s so important to keep it running and we also want to support CRY who have tested our friends and family for cardiomyopathy since Anthony died.”

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