Family raising profile of sudden cardiac death

Jeremy Cole was just 14 when he died from sudden cardiac death at his home in Victoria Drive.

His mother Jenny is now backing a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the condition.

Every week, eight young people die from sudden cardiac death but campaigners say these deaths could be prevented if simple cardiac screening was more widely available.

Cavendish pupil Jeremy was a perfectly healthy, normal teenager who, almost without warning, dropped dead at the family home.

Mrs Cole reckons every parent in the country needs to know about the condition and she is supporting a national charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

The charity has produced a thought-provoking new postcard, which features the faces of eight young people who lost their lives suddenly to previously undetected heart conditions.

The postcards will be circulated to CRY supporters and around the south east.

The aim is for people to send the postcards to MPs to encourage them to add their support to the campaign and join the charity