Farnham Pilgrims Marathon – Emma Ostle

Challenge 4 was the Farnham Pilgrims Marathon. A tough trail marathon taking in some of the beautiful Surrey Hills with spectacular views. The day started with scraping ice off the car, who would have thought in September! The registration field was very relaxed when I arrived with runners lounging in chairs drinking tea, very civilised.

And then we were off.

The first climb in and I was wishing I too had taken the opportunity to lounge around at the start and conserve energy (too late now). These hills are my main stomping area so I knew what was coming and couldn’t wait for the views. The sun was up and temperatures, along with the hills, rising swiftly. I am so lucky to be fit and able to do these challenges, for such a worthy cause. This thought has kept me going on every training run, every challenge and every time I see my lovely friend Ellery. These challenges are in memory of her son James McGowan who died last year and together, if we can help prevent just one young person dying from an undiagnosed heart condition then it’s not been in vain.

The run was great. Fun people to run with, well organised and beautiful countryside. Now for challenge number 5, 60km ultra run here I come!

Emma Ostle