Former dancer's now taking steps to raise charity funds

A visit to a Florida hospital changed Jo Urch's life.
The 39-year-old went along with suspected bronchitis during a trip to Disneyworld with her young son Tyler.
But she came out with a devastating prognosis.
The former professional dancer recalled: "The doctor said to me: 'Do you know that if you walk out of this hospital you could drop dead at any moment?'"
"I was crying my eyes out. I did not know what to do next."
Jo was given the diagnosis of Long QT syndrome a year ago.
It is a rare heart condition that could mean her heart stops at any time.
But more devastating, said Jo, was the discovery that her little boy, now five, has inherited the condition.
"I found out on the internet that there is a 50 per cent chance that the condition is hereditary.
"I took my little boy for tests which confirmed the worst.
"They were so worried that they faxed through the prescription for medication straight away.
"That was the worst day."
Jo said that the most difficult thing is not being able to help.
"As a mum you can do most things for your children but I cannot take this away from him.
"I thought I can either feel sorry for myself or get on and do something about it.
"That's why I got involved with the charity CRY."
Jo has already raised thousands of pounds for CRY – Cardiac Risk in the Young – a charity that raises awareness of conditions that can lead to Sudden Death Syndrome.
She is taking on a Sahara trek later this year.
But her next fundraiser is a variety convert from The Heart at The Redcliffe Hotel, Paignton.
Jo's childhood friend Rebekah Gibbs best known for her roles in Casualty and the West End, and radio presenter Gail Marie are starring in the show.
There are also comedy, singing and dancing performances.
Jo said that she never planned to dedicate her time to fundraising but it was simply the right thing to do.,
She said: "I signed up to help and thought about it afterwards.
"That's what my mum always aid – I act first and think later. That's never changed."
Jo admits she is a bit scared of her nine-day trek in November.
"I am terrified of sandstorms and I am a bit concerned about scorpions. These things I should have thought about first."
The venture into the unknown is typical of Jo.
This is a girl who went off to stage school in the "big smoke" at the age of just 14.
She carved out a successful dance career all over the world, including entertaining the troops in Bosnia.
Jo said: "That was quite scary. We went everywhere in flak jackets and had a few red alerts. That really brought things home to me," she said.
Jo gave up her dancing days when she met Tyler's dad.
The pair moved to Mexico and developed property for nine years.
But the pull of home was too much for Jo.
"We had a luxurious life but my dad got poorly and suddenly home seemed very far away."
She returned to Chelston in Torquay, just a few miles from where she grew up in Wellswood.
Now Jo teaches dance part-time and does some choreography.
But she has to watch her exercise.
Too much exertion can be dangerous.
Jo said: "That's why I worry for Ty. He wants to join in football and do all the other things his friends do."
The youngster has been helping his mum fundraise for her big trip.
"He has been great. He knows I'm walking in the desert but doesn't quite know why. He thinks I'm mad though."
One of the toughest things about the trek is not being able to talk to him for nine days.
"I am not looking forward to that but it will be worth it. I just hope he will be there to meet me at the airport when I get home."
You can get tickets for the From The Heart concert on 07827 159 037 or from the Redcliffe Hotel on 01803 526 397.