Fourth Defibrillator Installed in Hednesford in Memory of Neil Bradbury

Express and Star, 9th January 2020

Thirty five year old Neil Bradbury passed away in his sleep in November of 2015 of an undiagnosed heart condition. Since then, his family and loved ones have raised more than £13,000 for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). They have also raised £8000 for four defibrillators to be installed in Hednesford and are currently raising funds for a fifth.

Amy Windle, who was Neil’s girlfriend, said: “Neil was fit and healthy, there were no underlying health conditions that we were aware of. He had two autopsies and neither found anything, it was put down to natural causes. I found the charity CRY, who said there is a minimum of 12 people a week who die aged 14 to 35 of similar causes, and they support families. I was supported by them and so we started off raising money for them. We held a screening session in 2018 and have raised £13,000 for CRY. I have now completed a course to be a bereavement supporter, and we now raise money for AED Donate, a charity which installs defibrillators. This one is our fourth and is in Hednesford Park…”

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