Grief – by Christine Abram


What is grief and what does it mean
Where does it go where has it been
It lies in your heat like a heavy stone
It stabs like a knife when you’re all alone

There is place in your heart for it to lie
It will stay right there until the day you die
No one can say when it will go away
Because it will remain with you every day

Some times in a little corner of your heart
It will lie all quiet but is still a part
It is who you are and who who’ve lost
It reminds you daily of the great cost

No one can say now is the time to forget
Because time does not stop it’s always set
Sad memories don’t go away but give you hope
They will simply fade and you learn to cope

Grief comes upon you without any warning
It strikes at your heart in the early morning
What makes you feel so very sad?
Is it a dream that you’ve just had
Did you see your loved one again?
Did it bring back all that pain?

Never think that by now you’ll be fine
There are no rules, no one can define
The way you feel day by day
One year or two you cannot say

There is no time limit on feeling better
Therefore think of lovely times together
Play music dearest to your heart
And that way you will never be apart

Keep a place in a corner of your heart
For the grief that has torn you apart
It is part of you and who you now are
You know how much you will always care
You cannot replace a loved one ever
So keep them safe in your heart forever

by Christine Abram