Heart Screening Event – October 2019


The Cardiac Risk in the Young Team were back at South Hunsley School on 5th & 6th October 2019. As is now the norm, the support driver arrived at South Hunsley School on the Friday afternoon and met up with Graham and Jenny to unload the screening equipment and set up the venue in
readiness for a prompt start the following day. The caretaking team at South Hunsley School had once again set out “The Space” to easily accommodate the needs of the screening event. They provided a large reception/seating space and registration area, then three private ECG screening bays as well as remote Echo bay, should patients require that additional test.
Our team consisted on Bernie & Tony (Admin), Annie, Shayen & Neville (ECG) and Donna (Echo). On this occasion the CRY Doctor/Research Fellow was unable to attend at the last minute. This is very rare, but the screening was still able to go ahead, the only difference being that patients did not
have a face-to-face chat with the Doctor after their ECG. All ECG reports were instead sent back with the CRY team for review by the Doctor. All patients were sent letters along with any recommendations within a few weeks of the screening. Graham & Jenny were pleased to meet Jenni & Natalie from A&A Motors (Yorkshire) Limited, who both benefited from a pre-booked FREE heart screening. The company has been fundraising for Jamie’s Fund at CRY this year and the family are incredibly grateful for their efforts. www.aandamotors.co.uk
On this occasion, the team screened 184 young people. Of those screened, 7 had an additional ultrasound echocardiogram and 3 people were referred for further investigation. Over the two days 38 people failed to attend their pre-booked appointments. Thankfully, word of mouth and social media stepped in and 17 of those places were filled by ‘walk-ins’ on the day.
Nationwide CRY statistics from 20 years of screening show that 1:100 people screened will be found to have an irregularity with their heart and 1:300 will have a potentially life-changing condition.
The next event will be at South Hunsley School in May 2020 (200 places) and booking will hopefully be released during March/April 2020.


Huge thanks to everybody involved.

#JamieRemembered ♥