Howard Jennings Golf Tournament

off_the_fairwayKeeley Ashley has organised this annual event since her brother, Howard Jennings, died from heart failure at the age of 33. Keeley has raised many thousands of pounds for CRY since the family tragedy.

Anyone interested in playing or supporting next year’s event should contact Keeley Ashley via e-mail

The event takes place at the Little Hay Golf Complex in Hertfordshire.

Howard Jennings 11th May 1963 – 14th July 1996

Howard died suddenly early one Sunday evening whilst helping his wife, Tina bath their two baby sons, Ryan and Kieren. It was a tremendous shock to all of us as Howard had been in very good health. He worked very hard as a Sales Engineer but liked to relax by playing golf at his local club, Little Hay. When the boys first came along he also worked behind the bar on occasion.

After his death many of his friends expressed a wish to do something in his memory. After 13 months I decided that I needed to get the ball rolling. We had discovered CRY during a visit to St Georges Hospital in November 1996. We contacted Alison and found that we could start a fund in his memory and after establishing what CRY was all about decided to fundraise on their behalf. Alison and the rest of the team were extremely helpful to us during a very difficult time.

I decided that a golf tournament would be a good start as Howard played and had many golfing friends. I approached Little Hay and the then owners, David and Sally Johnson, who having known Howard were more than happy to assist us in our organising. They were also extremely generous, donating raffle and auction items.

I also approached a good friend of Howard’s, knowing nothing about golf myself, to help with the tournament details and numbers. Ray and his wife Carole Haylock have been invaluable to the tournament over the years. Carole also works for the Lloyds TSB, so has looked after the money side of things. The bank also donates £500 per tournament, which goes a long way.

The first year we had just 32 players, concentrating on people who knew Howard. Friends, family and work colleagues all took part. The following year there were 64, then 88 until in 2001 we broke the 100. The tournament continues to grow.

It is hard work to get those numbers but keeping a record of all who have played and contacting them a few months before the next tournament normally results in a good turnout. Unfortunately memories are short so it is very important to extend the field of golfers and not rely on only the people who knew Howard. Many of the people who played as individuals the first year, now enter a whole team.

There are a core of volunteers who help year after year. They provide the players with refreshments at the 9th hole and keep my friend Angela Masters supplied with the necessary information to speedily update the scores on the computer!!!

The whole thing would not work without all the help from friends and family.

The reason for the tournament is to raise money for CRY … the more the better.

The golf day is designed to be a fun day with everyone enjoying themselves. There is no requirement for a low golf handicap, just a set of clubs and some balls!!! An umbrella is usually a handy accessory!

Howard_and_KeeleyI have found that organising the tournament gives me focus and although it can be very demanding, it is also very rewarding. The money we have raised has been put towards an ECG machine that is held at Howard’s GP surgery; a mobile screening held at Kings Langley Youth Football Club; new computer equipment for the CRY office; and the CRY Counselling Skills course.

I have a need to find something positive from Howard’s death and if the money
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The 5th Howard Jennings CRY Memorial Trophy Golf Tournament
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The 8th Howard Jennings CRY Memorial Trophy Golf Tournament
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