Hull 10k 2017 – Spencer Buttle

I had heart surgery aged 10 to correct a number of cardiac defects. I was lucky, in so much that my conditions were identified & part corrected before I suffered serious consequence. As a result I’ve had a healthy & fairly active life. I played competitive football into my 40s along with squash & other sports.

Three years ago after watching Hull City beat Southend in the cup I suffered a cardiac arrest which resulted in an electric shock restart. It was no surprise to me, I’d been complaining for a couple of months to my GP about heart palpitations & other problems. My GP had ignored my previous medical history when he concluded, only two days before, my problems were obesity & I needed to exercise.

In the following two years I’ve needed four further restarts & had an ICD fitted. I had further, successful, corrective surgery last year & was given the go ahead to get back to living a normal life as possible. Exercise wise, my cardiologist simply said “go for it”.

I signed up for this event last September to give myself a longer term objective along with time to get fitter & shift some of the excess weight I appear to have gained. It’s my way of “going for it”.

It was a massive challenge getting around 10k in near on 30 degree heat & weighing in at 20 stone. It was made easier by the continued help & love of family & friends who, between them, have donated a fantastic total of £1,011.05 in supporting my run. Thanks to you all.

40 years ago I got lucky, many young people today are not so. I’d like to thank the people of CRY for the work they do in making life better & the help they give so that many young people & their families have a future in which they get a chance to excel. Thank you.

Spencer Buttle