Its sometime now since you have gone – by Debbie Smart

Its sometime now since you have gone

Its sometime now since you have gone,
But somehow we have to carry on,
We miss your voice, your laugh and That Whistle,
So here we are you’ve left us ‘ripples’

Since you are gone, the sun has shone,
The moon has waxed and waned,
But life for us will never ever be the same.
No more phone calls, ‘Alright?’
‘I’m alright, you alright?’
‘Not bad, Not bad’
No more nights as jack the lad.

No more Type R with stereo pounding,
For as a young man you were outstanding.
You shone at work, you shone at play,
But now you’ve gone so far away.
What shall we do, how can we cope?
For you to us were such a good bloke.
We all loved you, you loved us back,
Now how can we fill this terrific gap
you’ve left behind
In truth we can’t, and nor do we want to,
For you my son you were unique,
A one off now life is bleak.
But for me you did not die,
You are not dead,
You are in some far off land instead,
With seas of blue and golden sands,
For there you’ll walk on sun kissed shores,
Without a care, without a worry,
No more to the station in a hurry.
Not to age, grow bald or fat,
You really wouldn’t have liked that!
Old age is a pisser, or so I’m told
For you have left us to face the cold
of life without you.
For here you’ll be, up in the sun,
You really are the chosen one.
So for now, my son,
Night night, god bless,
You really were the very best!

Kevin Lee Smart 28.12.73 – 05.09.07

by Debbie Smart