Jackernuts – The Nut Butter Bar

JackernutThe inventor of Jackernuts, Kat Jones, is donating all the profits to CRY from each apricot Jackernut. These bars are drizzled with honey and sprinkled with sunflower seeds.
“I wanted to help CRY because a friend of mine suffered a cardiac arrest last year through a defect that she was unaware off. It was incredibly scary and put us through the emotional rollercoaster, but as she was in hospital, all the nurses kept saying she “was lucky”. That was quite hard to hear, an ironic lucky, but in thinking about all the other young people that don’t survive, it really made me want to do something to help.”
To order please email katjones601@msn.com

For more information on the products go to http://jackernuts.co.uk

and follow on Twitter @kat_jackernuts