John Inverdale

john-inverdale-new-website“Howard English was a friend who was an amazing guy and an outstanding rugby player. The ultimate Bon Viveur. It was a truly shocking moment when he died suddenly during one of our rugby games. When someone dies in your arms like that on the side of a rugby pitch it is not something you ever forget. It was tragic beyond belief when Howard’s death was compounded by the death a decade later of his son Sebastian, whilst playing rugby just like his Dad.
No-one knew that the condition that had killed Howard could be genetic. CRY’s screening programme is fantastic and it is good news that they are now going to be screening our young rugby players. In Italy they have compulsory testing of athletes and it seems so patently obvious that we ought to be doing this too. As a Patron of CRY I want to do all I can to help promote their programme.”

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