Jude MacDonald

Jude was born on October 19, 2006, in ARI Aberdeen, a precious son to Eric and Ruth and brother to Lois and Maya. 

Jude embarked on his educational journey at Scouthall Playgroup in Westhill before moving on to Elrick school. He spent seven joyful years there before transitioning to Westhill Academy, where he was in his fifth year. Jude had a fondness for the social aspects of school, though he was less enthusiastic about the academic work. Despite this, he successfully passed all his Nat5s and was preparing for his higher exams.

Known for his easy-going nature, Jude was a joy to be around. He was a cherished son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend. His gentle, giant-like demeanour will forever be remembered by his loved ones.

Jude cherished his trips to Lewis from a young age, where he enjoyed the freedom of Island life and visiting relatives.

Jude was an avid gamer, spending countless hours honing his skills with friends. He was also a football enthusiast, training and participating in games with Cove Youth Boys. He enjoyed watching Rangers games with Maya and Eric, creating lasting memories. 

On 01 January 2023 our world changed forever, our beautiful 16-year-old boy died suddenly, leaving an unimaginable void that no one can truly comprehend unless they experience it, in a blink of an eye life changed forever.  Jude fell ill that Sunday morning and suffered a cardiac arrest.  He passed away from a very rare heart condition. Life has taken a different turn for us as a family, an unimaginable loss that no family should have to endure. Jude was, and will forever remain, very special to us and his friends. His memory continues to live on in our hearts, though they are broken. Life will never be the same without our precious boy.

Be thoughtful, be kind.  Jude embodied thoughtfulness, kindness, and love – this was our beautiful Jude.

Your support will not only help us honour Jude’s memory but also raise awareness and much-needed funds for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

Our mission is to carry out screenings in the Westhill area and ideally extend this to all areas in Aberdeen and the shire.  Every week in the UK, at least 12 young people die suddenly from undiagnosed heart conditions.  Many of these deaths could be prevented.   CRY works to reduce this number and offers support for those who are affected by young sudden cardiac death.  By donating money, you will be contributing towards these costs and making a significant difference in our community. Your support will help us detect potential cardiac risks in our young people early, potentially saving lives.  Together, we can make a difference.