Jumping out of a plane for Charlotte


I have always wanted to do a skydive after my wife did it for C-R-Y three years ago so I took the plunge, as it were!

The day was perfect and the weather was ideal. Mike, who I was doing the tandem with, had already done 16,000 jumps so I felt very safe.

We climbed in to the plane and rose to 10,000 ft. When given the thumbs up it was time to slide to the edge and then…out! What an experience, absolutely fantastic. We had a perfect day for it and could see for miles. After spinning around and around we came in for a perfect landing. An awesome day for an important cause.

Charlotte Adams was a young lady who my wife worked with at Birkett Long LLP. She was very. Bubbly and full of life. One evening she went to sleep and didn’t wake up. My wife and I have since been involved in various events for C-R-Y to raise money for screenings for young people to be tested for underlying heart problems. Even though I never met Charlotte I have become very good friends with her Mum Kate and Dad Chris and her sister Rebecca.

Hopefully the money raised (approximately £800) will help someone’s life.