A note about Justgiving pages

CRY actually benefits more from donations made to Virgin Money Giving pages than it does from donations made to Justgiving pages. We encourage CRY supporters to use Virgin Money Giving pages as a preference, but CRY is still one of the charities that can be chosen when creating a Justgiving page.

More details about creating a Virgin Money Giving page can be found here

Personal fundraising web pages via Justgiving

Having your own personal web page for online fundraising allows you to concentrate on the event, whilst collection of money and Gift Aid declarations are taken care of automatically. Using a Justgiving donations web page is quick, easy, free and 100% secure.

View a sample page

Follow this link http://www.justgiving.com/cry/raisemoney and click on any of the ‘Top Fundraisers’ (on the left of the page) to get some more ideas!

Create your own page

The procedure is quite straightforward. Follow this link when you are ready to begin creating your page

Important information about Memorial Funds

If you want donations to your Justgiving page to go to a specific Memorial Fund, please follow this link to create a page in memory of someone. You should also specify the person’s name in the text on your Justgiving page. This is very important in helping us to keep track of where donations should be going.

Please also note that setting up a Justgiving page in memory of someone does not also automatically create a Memorial Fund for that person. You will still need to contact the CRY office to ‘officially’ set up the Memorial Fund.

Top tips for making the most of your Justgiving page

When your page is up and running, e-mail the link to family, friends and colleagues – and ask them to forward it on to people they know

We have found that rather than use the actual page’s “send this to a friend” link, better results are achieved if you write your own e-mail and within this place a direct link to your page – e.g. http://www.justgiving.com/yourpage – and add a little personal information

Tell supporters that along with payment details they have to register with Justgiving the first time they visit, by filling in a short form with address and postcode – this is to enable Gift Aid to be reclaimed which increases the amount donated.

Justgiving is a certified secure site so online donations with credit/debit cards are safe.

Track your fundraising progress on your Facebook profile – use Justgiving’s Facebook app: http://apps.facebook.com/justgiving.

Put a widget and buttons on your blog, website, e-mail signature and social profiles. Find them by clicking ‘promote this page’ on the right of your fundraising page.

Keep emailing everyone to update them on your progress – remind them to donate if they haven’t already and to send your page to their friends.

The friendly Justgiving helpdesk can answer any questions – just email help@justgiving.net

Justgiving Widget

This a mini version of an online fundraising page which fundraisers can put anywhere online, from blogs to web pages. Its a great way to spread the word about your fundraising page.

The widget shows your fundraising progress, and automatically updates whenever someone makes a donation to your fundraising page.

The widget links directly to your fundraising page via the ‘Donate’ button, so people can easily visit to add their own donation. Clicking on the ‘Menu’ button on the widget shows people information about CRY.

You can easily get hold of a Justgiving widget by clicking on the ‘Promote this page’ link in the top right corner of your page. This will take you to a page which gives you some code which you can copy and paste onto a web page, blog or forum of your choice.

Justgiving Badges / Buttons

Just like widgets, these buttons can be placed on web pages, blogs, forums and e-mail signatures.

Whilst they are not as dynamic as widgets, they do link directly through to your Justgiving page, allowing people to easily sponsor you.

Like widgets, the code for these buttons can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Promote this page’ link in the top right corner of your Justgiving page.

Have a page made for you

We will be happy to do this on request. Please e-mail us with details and if possible attach a suitable photograph. You can send in a print and we will scan it for you.

Once your page is complete we can inform you of your login details to allow you to change the page as you wish.

Please contact cry@c-r-y.org.uk for any further assistance.